In this article you will learn how to:

  • Create a New Customer

  • Edit or Delete Customers

  • Manage Customers with Customer History Profiles

Creating a New Customer

1. Navigate to the customer creation screen.

Select 'add customer' from either the customers page or customer field on a new quote.

2. Choose whether your new customer is a business or individual customer.

  • Individual customers only require a first name and email address

  • Business / Company customers require a company name as well as a contact first name and email address.

3. Add customer details

*note the minimum markup % and sales discount % fields are no longer active and will be removed soon.

4. Add additional contacts to the customer

You can add multiple contacts to one customer. This is particularly useful for business/company customers and helps keep your data and reporting as clean as possible.

Once you have entered all information, click save.

Editing or Deleting Customers

To edit or delete a customer, select the ... icon and choose the action you would like to take.

Managing Customers

Each customer has its own unique history profile. To access the profile click on the customer's name from the customers page.

Here you can see all details, quotes, jobs files, comments and tasks associated with the customer.

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