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Bulk Delete Catalog Products
Bulk Delete Catalog Products

Deleting products in bulk is easy to do, read this article to learn the steps

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Sometimes you may want to remove an entire supplier catalog from your Hoops catalog. This is easy to do and can be done in two different ways.

1. Remove an import

There are 2 ways to remove an import from your account.

First, open your import history by clicking on the import icon in the top menu bar.

If the catalog has been shared with you by us, you will see a trash can icon. Click this once and all products associated with that import will be removed.

If the catalog has been imported from within your account, choose Action > Undo Import. This will remove all products associated with that import.

2. Remove all products associated to a vendor

If you would like to clear all products associated to a vendor, regardless of when the import was done, follow this process:

Click Settings > Vendors

Select the vendor

Choose Edit > Remove All Products

This will remove all of the catalog products which are linked to this vendor.

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