To create a task, navigate to the tasks page and click ‘add task’.

Alternatively, you can create a task from within a customer, quote, or job. To do so, open the item, then click on the Tasks tab and click ‘add task’.

First, enter your task title and description

Then choose a deadline for the task by clicking the calendar icon. To add an end date, uncheck the ‘all day’ box and select your desired date and time.

Next, if necessary, allocate the task to a specific production resource, teammate, or customer by selecting an option from the drop-down lists.

Finally, you can choose to associate the task with a quote or job and allocate any files.

When you’re all done, click save.

Change the status of the task by selecting the desired status from the board view, or by clicking and dragging the tile from the kanban board view.

Don’t forget to use filters to rescue the noise and help find what you’re looking for.

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