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Importing Decorations in Bulk
Importing Decorations in Bulk

Learn how to import decorations in bulk

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Adding decorations to your Hoops account allows you to quickly add them to quotes in one click.

This process will teach you how to import your decorations in bulk.

First navigate to the decorations page by clicking settings, decorations.

Then, click import.

Download the template file by clicking the blue link. This is an essential step as your import will only be successful if you follow the correct format.

The template file contains example data to give you an idea of how the data should look. Remove this data before importing, but you must not delete row 1.

If the decorations are purchased from a 3rd party, you must select a vendor. If you have decorations from a range of different vendors, you will need to complete 1 import for each vendor.

Drag and drop your file, then click import.

It may take a few minutes for your decorations to appear in your account and you may need to refresh your browser in order to see them.

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