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Adding Options to Quotes
Adding Options to Quotes

Create a quote with multiple options | multi-option quotes

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Customers often ask "How much for 50, 100 & 200?" With Hoops, you can quickly create a quote that shows different quantities, products and decorations.

Watch this quick video to learn how:

To add additional options to your quote, navigate to the new quote screen by creating a new quote or editing an existing one.

Add the items you’d like to appear as the first option on your quote.

Next, click ‘Add Option’ to create a new blank option, or, duplicate an existing option by clicking the drop-down arrow and choosing duplicate.

To remove an option, click remove from the drop-down menu.

For the best customer experience, it’s always best to give each option some extra context by typing in the description field, and, you can also rename each option by choosing ‘Rename’ from the dropdown menu.

When you send a multi-option quote, each option is saved as a separate line on the quotes board.

This icon lets you know that the quote is part of a group.

You can edit or send the group at any time by choosing actions, edit, on any option from the group, but you can not duplicate a multi-option quote.

When a multi-option quote is sent, your customer can see all options on one single page, and they can individually comment, accept, and pay for any number of options.

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