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Email & SMS Templates
Email & SMS Templates

Learn how to create and send customised email & SMS templates

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Send quotes, jobs, and proofs faster by creating customized email & SMS templates.

Creating a Template:

Creating an email template is easy, follow these simple steps to create one quickly

  1. Navigate to settings > email templates

  2. Click create template

  3. Name your template, add a subject line and choose where the template will end from (quotes, jobs, or proofs)

  4. Use the editor to type your message and click save.

Tip: Copy and paste the shortcodes to personalize your message to each recipient.

Sending a Template:

You can send email templates from quotes, jobs, and proofs.

To send an email template simply select a template from the drop-down menu and click send.

Hint: If you make ad-hoc edits to your message when sending your email, your overall template will not be edited.

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