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Connecting to Xero
Connecting to Xero

Learn how to quickly set up the 2-way invoicing sync between Hoops & Xero

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Hoops and Xero connect through an automatic two-way data sync for invoices and payments.

Integrating Hoops with Xero takes less than 1 minute.

How to connect Hoops to Xero

To connect Hoops to Quickbooks, navigate to the integrations page by clicking settings, integrations.

Next click connect to Xero.

Enter your Xero credentials and allow all permissions.

You will then be redirected back to Hoops.

Click settings in the Xero tile to complete the integration. Here you will need to map the data in each field to ensure your invoices are presented in Xero correctly.

When you’re done, click submit.

The integration is now complete. You will now be able to send invoices and purchase orders to xero and a new accounting status column will be available on the quotes and jobs page.

Hoops & Xero Data Flow


How do I connect to Xero?

Simply select connect to Xero from the integrations page in Hoops and sign in with your Xero account details when prompted.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

Simply select disconnect from Xero from the integrations page in Hoops.

Will I see real-time updates?

Yes, the data sync between Hoops and Xero takes place in real-time. When a payment status changes in Xero, Hoops will immediately reflect the change on the jobs board. If a payment status does not update, you may need to refresh your browser for it to appear.


For security reasons, Xero automatically disconnects from Hoops every few months. If you are suddenly unable to successfully send an invoice, you will need to navigate to the integrations and re-establish the connection by clicking 'reconnect' in the Xero tile.

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