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Merging Purchase Orders
Merging Purchase Orders

Learn how to merge purchase orders so you only have to order once per vendor.

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Merged purchase orders combine all PO’s from a single vendor into one master purchase order. This means you only need to order once per vendor and can save on shipping costs. Watch this short 1-minute video to learn how it's done:

To create a merged purchase order, navigate to the purchase orders page and click ‘New Merged PO’

Select the relevant vendor you wish to order from, then click next.

Here you will see all PO’s that will be merged together. You can select and deselect the Po’s included by checking or unchecking the boxes.

When you’re ready, click merge and save.

A new merged PO will be created, but it will not override the original Purchase orders. To open the merged PO, click on the title, or merged PO number.

To access the original child PO’s, follow the links within the new merged PO.

Any status updates that you make in the merged purchase order will be automatically reflected on each individual PO.

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