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Managing Taxes

Adding default taxes and managing multiple taxes

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Hoops allows you to manage taxes on each line item for a completely granular tax module.

On this page you'll learn how to:

Creating and Editing Taxes

To set a new tax or manage existing taxes, head to the taxes page or navigate to setting > taxes.

  • To manage an exisiting tax, click actions > edit

  • To create a new tax, click new tax

Single Taxes

To set a single tax, name the tax, add the tax type and add the rate.

Multiple Taxes

To set a multiple tax, name the tax and add the tax type, then add all components of the tax. Hoops will show each tax individually on quotes and will accurately add the taxes where applicable.

Xero Integration Tax Settings

If you are using Xero as your accounting package, you'll need to ensure your tax settings are configured correctly in the integration settings. To learn how to do so, watch this short video:

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