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Adding a Decoration to Multiple Line Items
Adding a Decoration to Multiple Line Items

Use the Decoration Quantity Override function to accurately add the same decoration to multiple line items.

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In this article you will learn how to use the 'decoration quantity override' function to accurately add the same decoration to multiple line items. Following this process ensures your buy price & set up costs are calculated correctly.

Use case:

You are quoting for 300 items:

100 Mens t-shirts

100 Womens t-shirts

100 Kids t-shirts

All items will have the same 2 colour screen print as the decoration.

Step 1:

  • Select your first product and enter the price builder.

  • Within the price builder, add the quantity, variations and decorations as per normal.

Step 2:

Under 'Decorations' click Actions > Override Quantity

The decoration override modal with then show, type the total number of all products that will have this same decoration.

In this example we are quoting for:

100 Mens shirts +

100 Women's Shirts +

100 Kids Shirts


A total of 300 items will have the same decoration

Type your total and click save.

The decoration has now been overridden and your buy price and set up cost will be automatically adjusted.

How this calculation works:

Buy Price:

The override function applies the correct price break as per your total product quantity. e.g. 100 items may cost $6.50 per unit, however 300 items may cost only $6.10 per unit.

Set-Up Cost:

When you override the decoration quantity you are charging only one set up cost for all line items that have the same decoration, and dividing that cost amongst the line items.

The calculation is: Set up cost / total item QTY x line item QTY.

Click save to close the price builder and add your second product.

Step 4:

  1. Use the clone button to duplicate the line item

  2. Change the new product to your desired product

  3. Enter the price builder of the new product and adjust the product details (such as sizes & colours).

    As you have duplicated the original line item, the overridden decoration quantity will be automatically applied to your new line item.

    Repeat this step for any additional products you need to add.

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