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Zapier Integration (Triggers & Actions)
Zapier Integration (Triggers & Actions)

Learn how to configure Zapier triggers and actions.

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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects Hoops with over 4000 leading software platforms.

1. Connecting to Zapier

2. Triggers & Actions

Each automation (called a Zap) consists of a trigger and an action.

Hoops has 2 Trigger events & 2 Action events.


These are the things that happen in Hoops, which cause something else to happen in a 3rd party app.

The Hoops triggers are:

  • When a customer is created in Hoops

  • When a job is created in Hoops

For example, 'when a customer is created in Hoops (trigger), add the customer as a subscriber to a Mailchimp list (action)'.

The actions that follow a Hoops trigger are determined by the connected 3rd party app. Hoops can trigger thousands of actions across many software platforms.


When something happens in a 3rd party app (the trigger), it can cause any of these actions in Hoops:

  • Create a customer in Hoops

  • Create a job in Hoops

For example: When a new order is received on Shopify (trigger) a new job for that order is created in Hoops (action).

Actions that are performed in Hoops can be triggered by many different things. Each 3rd party app will have a specific set of triggers that can cause an action in Hoops.

To create a Zap with Hoops, click here

*A Zapier account is free to create, however, if you need to run a high volume of Zaps or connect premium apps, you may need to upgrade to a paid Zapier plan.

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