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Adding Additional Suppliers to Your Catalog
Adding Additional Suppliers to Your Catalog

How to add more catalogs to your Hoops catalog

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Adding a managed catalog from a preferred supplier

  • If you joined Hoops on an Eagle onboarding package, we do all the leg work for you. Simply reach out to us and let us know which preferred supplier you would like added to your Hoops catalog.

  • Users who did not purchase an onboarding package are required to reach out to the preferred supplier themselves. You'll need to cc us ( on an email to the supplier to confirm that you have an active account and confirm which pricing tier you are on.

    After we receive this information we are able to share the catalog(s) with you.

Adding an ad-hoc catalog

Ad-hoc catalogs are catalogs from a supplier that is not on our preferred supplier list.

We can format & import these for you, however, there may be an additional charge involved. Contact us to get started

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