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Accepting Payments Online with Stripe
Accepting Payments Online with Stripe

Accept online payments through Stripe

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The Stripe integration means you can get paid faster by accepting online payments.

Creating a Stripe Account

To use this feature, you'll need an active Stripe account.

A Stripe account is free to create.

Click the relevant link below to create your free Stripe account:

Connecting Hoops & Stripe

Once you have an active Stripe account, it's quick and easy to connect it to your Hoops Account. To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Navigate to the integrations page, by clicking; Settings > Integrations

Step 2:

Click 'CONNECT' in the Stripe tile

Step 3:

When prompted, enter your Stripe log in details and allow all requested permissions. If you are already logged into Stripe, you will not need to enter your login details here.


Enabling Online Payments

When creating your quote, you can toggle on/off the ability of your customers to pay for their order online with Stripe.

When this is toggled on, a button will appear on your quote labeled 'Accept & Pay Online'. When your customer clicks this button, a payment modal will appear, enabling them to enter their credit card details and pay for their order.

Your customers can even pay for their order right from their phone or mobile device.

Fee Structure:

Stripe fees + 0.8% platform fee

*An active Stripe account is required (Free to create)

*Payments are secured by Stripe's bank-level encryption

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