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Customizing Statuses
Customizing Statuses

Learn how to customise columns and statuses

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Statuses and columns in Hoops are completely customizable.

To customize a status, click on a status and click ‘add or edit statuses’.

Alternatively, you can click settings, status.

To start customizing, click edit.

Each item in the column on the left-hand side represents a column in Hoops.

Click on the column you’d like to customize to begin editing.

You can rename each of the 5 columns on the jobs board, and customize all status labels

Re-arrange the statuses by clicking and dragging the grab icon.

Customize the status label by typing in the text field, and change the color of the status by clicking on the colored circle.

Delete a status by clicking the bin icon.

The lock icon indicates that the status is automatically triggered, thus it cannot be deleted. You can however still customize the name and color of locked statuses.

Once you’re all done, click save.

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