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Linking Vendors

Learn how to link products to a vendor so that it is possible to generate a purchase order.

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In order to generate a purchase order, you must have a vendor linked to the product.

When using a catalog product, the vendor will automatically be linked to your product.

To link a vendor to a product within an existing job, navigate to the job on the jobs page and click actions, edit.

Click build price.

Here you will be able to see if the products are linked to a vendor. If not, click the drop-down and select a vendor.

If you are using a new vendor that is not yet saved in your Hoops account, click ‘add new vendor’. Only the Vendor name and email address is required to create a new vendor, however, it is recommended that you enter as much information here as you can.

Once you’re finished, click save, then select the vendor.

Close the price builder, by clicking save, then, click save.

The product is now linked to a vendor and you will be able to generate a PO.

To manage your saved vendors, click settings, vendors.

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