The Hoops catalog hosts all your favorite supplier catalogs and products in one simple place! This means that you can find items faster, and create financially accurate quotes extremely quickly.

When browsing the Hoops catalog, you can easily search for generic terms such as “water bottle” and see all relevant options from many different suppliers in one view.

Within each product profile, is where the true value lies, all pricing, images & product information is automatically updated for you each time the supplier makes an update. The pricing in your catalog is unique to your business as we share the specific pricing tier that your business receives.

If you’ve just started a new trial, you’ll notice that there are currently only a few example products in your account. You can use these products to get a feel for how the catalog works, and you can add them to a quote to run them through a mock workflow.

Once you have converted to a paid subscription, you are eligible to have full supplier catalogs added to your account. Check out the help doc that’s linked in the description to learn how it’s done.

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