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Configured Products
Configured Products

Learn how to create configured products

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You can save products with a pre-configured price builder, so that when you choose the item, all product variations, decorations and additional costs are automatically applied.

To save a configured product, navigate to the new quote screen and open the price builder.

Once you have input all the details into the price builder, click ‘save as configured product’.

You will then be asked to give the product a code, and name. This is what you will use to search and select the product once it is added to your catalog.

Click save when you’re done.

You can now quickly add this product and pre-configured price builder to a quote.

To do so, navigate to the new quote page, and click the ‘select products’ drop down. Change this to ‘configured products’.

Search for the product by typing the product name or product code.

Once selected, the price builder will instantly display all of the data from your configured product.

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