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Learn how to create backorders when stock is unavailable

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Sometimes low stock availability limits you from being able to fulfill an entire purchase order.

When this happens, you can create a backorder for the remaining stock.

To create a backorder, navigate to the purchase orders page. A purchase order must exist before you are able to create a backorder.

Open the purchase order by clicking on the PO title or number.

Next, type the quantity that you were able to successfully order.

Hoops will automatically calculate the remaining quantity to be placed on backorder

Next, choose the backorder date. This is the date that the stock will become available.

Repeat this process for each item on your purchase order, then when you’re ready, click ‘Create Backorder’.

Backorders will be automatically assigned a red back order status. This means that you can easily filter by backorders and see all deadlines at a glance.

To view a backorder, open it by clicking on the title, or PO number.

You can view the original purchase order at any time by clicking on the linked PO number.

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