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Adding / Updating Catalog Products
Adding / Updating Catalog Products

How to add an individual item into your catalog

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Adding products to your Hoops Catalog is quick and easy.

There are 3 different options to add products to your Hoops catalog

  1. Add an individual product.

  2. Have a managed catalog from our preferred supplier list shared with you (see- adding additional suppliers to your catalog)

  3. Have an entire catalog from any other supplier imported in bulk for you. (contact us to find out how)

This article will cover how you can add an individual product to your catalog.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Navigate to the catalog page and click on the new product button.

Step 2

Add the product name, vendor, product code and description by typing in the relevant fields.

If the item you are adding is from an external supplier, you can usually copy and paste this information from the suppliers website.

Step 3

Upload the primary image of your product. This is the image that will show in your catalog, and will default on your quotes.

Adding variant images is completed at a later stage.

To upload an image, simply drag and drop the image, or click to upload.

Step 4

Add all the the sizes and colors of your product.

Important: You must press enter on your keyboard after typing each size and color. This will create a green tag. Only sizes and colors that are presented as a tag will be added. To remove a size or color, simply click the 'X' to remove the tag.

Step 5

Add your price breaks.

You can add as many price breaks as you like.

To remove a price break, click the bin icon

Step 6

The primary information is now complete. Click save and navigate to your newly created item to add additional product information and images.

To add additional information, click edit and fill in the all fields you wish to edit.

Once complete click save.

Step 7:

Navigate to the images tab to add variant images.

Click the + icon to upload additional images.

Repeat this for each color that you wish to have an image.

Your item has now been successfully added to your catalog.

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