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Creating and Sending Quotes in Hoops
Creating and Sending Quotes in Hoops

Learn how to create and send a quotes in Hoops

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With Hoops, you can quickly create and send customised quotes to your customers.

In this article you will learn how to:

This short will show you the basics of Hoops Quoting

Creating a Quote

Step 1:

Navigate to the Quotes page and click New Quote.

Step 2: Add Starting Information

To get started fill out the first 4 fields.

  • Add your customer (required)

    • All saved quotes are saved within the customer's profile

    • Quote sending address is automatically populated from the customer's details (this can be changed in the last step)

  • Add a deadline (Optional)

  • Add a reference number (optional).

    • Reference numbers are shown on the quotes table.

    • Reference numbers will show on invoices in Xero.

  • Add a description (optional)

    • Descriptions are shown on the final quote that your customer sees. Use this field to add context to your quote.

    • Descriptions are particularly useful when creating a quote with multiple options.

Step 3: Add your product

Products do not need to be in your Hoops catalog in order to create a quote.

  • Quoting for items from your Hoops catalog is the fastest way to quote. Products are pulled directly from your Hoops catalog and all information and images are pre-filled for you.

    • To change the image click the image once to expand the variant images and select the colour you prefer.

    • To add a new image, double click on the image and upload your own.

    • Leave the QTY & Rate/Unit fields blank. These will be automatically filled by the price builder.

  • To quote an item that is not in your Hoops catalog, do not select a product, upload your own image (optional) and manually type your description.

Step 4: Enter the Price Builder

  • Click on the green button to enter the price builder. This is where you add product variants, decorations and additional costs.

1. Choose your markup method.

Cost Price + Markup

  • With this option selected, your sell price is calculated by adding your markup to each individual line item. This is the same as the current price builder.

  • Set Gross Margin

    This option allows you to set one global markup margin. All items added within the price builder will automatically calculate to achieve the desired margin.

    2. Add Your Product Variants

    Complete each field here.

  • Tip: Use the clone button to duplicate entire lines and speed things up

3. Add Your Decorations

When Adding decorations you have 3 options:

  • Hoops: This will allow you to select decorations you have preset in your Hoops account. To learn how to save a decoration read this article.

  • Linked to Product: Use this option when the supplier will also be decorating the product. Decorations and pricing that are available for that specific product will be dynamically sourced from the supplier and shown in the dropdown menus.

    Currently only available to Trends Collection products - more suppliers coming soon.

  • Adhoc: Use this to quote a decoration that is not saved in your Hoops account. The most common use for this is to add outsourced decorations.

4. Override your Sell Price (Optional)

When you alter your sell price, a new 'adjustment line' will appear at the bottom of the price builder. This gives you a transparent overview of the adjustments your team is making and is only visible internally to your team.

To change your sell price, click the pencil icon under 'sell price per unit' and type your new price. Click 'Save' when finished.

Once finished, click save

Step 5: Quote for Multiple Options (Optional)

Multiple option quotes are a great way to deliver complex quotes or upsell your products.

Choose Add Option to create another option and repeat steps 1-3

Pro Tip: select the drop-down arrow on a completed option to duplicate an entire option and speed things up.

All options are shown on one simple quote for your customer to view and make a decision. Your customer can choose to accept only one option or as many as they like.

Step 6:

Enable Online Acceptance and/or Customer Comments

Toggle the buttons to choose whether or not you would like to give your customer the ability to accept the quote online and/or leave comments for you.

Step 7:

Save or Save & Send Your Quote

Saving your quote will save it within your customer's profile as well as on the quotes board.

Save & Send will save the quote as well as open the send modal for you to review, make any changes and send the quote.

  • All fields are editable

  • Copy and paste shortcodes to automatically add information

Once complete, send you quote.


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